Forensic Neuropsychology, - Melbourne
Why Choose Us

We provide medico-legal neuropsychological assessments for a variety of legal purposes.
Our reports are finished on time.
We are highly responsive to the needs of lawyers and their clients.
We provide fast turn-around times, with most reports delivered within 14 days after assessment

Responsive and convenient service

  • Issues of concern are discussed before producing the report
  • We minimize client's fatigue by dividing the assessment into two sessions
  • We are willing to travel to country Victoria
  • We conduct in-custody assessments
  • We offer Legal Aid discounts (Legal Aid needs to be contacted prior to the assessment to approve the payment)

Dr Izabela Walters, the principal of the practice, has been conducting medico-legal and forensic neuropsychological assessments since 1995. She has extensive experience as an expert witness and has appeared in children's court, county court, family court and supreme court.

Neuropsychology and the Law
Personal Injury Law
Our reports inform neurologists and psychiatrists in their determination of whole person impairment. They also describe the impact of the cognitive impairment on the person’s ability to function in everyday life and in employment.

Criminal Law
We establish links between a client's brain dysfunction and offending. Our pre-sentence reports detail any cognitive abnormalities due to brain injury or neurological dysfunction

Elder Law
We provide capacity assessments, including testamentary capacity and the competency to make financial, lifestyle and medical decisions.

Children, Youth and Family Law
We offer assessments of the cognitive factors affecting the capacity to parent. We deal with doli incapax issues where cognitive status may affect functioning. We also provide pre-sentencing reports detailing the cognitive profile of young people.

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